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From Mitch Roth:   ” Today, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down SB 1 as unconstitutional.  In doing so, it held that benefits protected by the Pension Clause of our State Constitution could not be unilaterally diminished or impaired by the State, even through use of its police powers to act when faced with economic or other emergencies.  The Court also held that those parts of SB 1 which did not directly diminish protected retirement benefits, like the collective bargaining restrictions, were void and unenforceable.  Attached is the Court’s decision.  Also, the following is a link to the IEA webpage on the decision, including the WAOI statement and a video on today’s decision by IEA President Cinda Klickna” :

Illinois Supreme Court decision on Pension Law Reform-  May 8 2015 Illinois Supreme Court Decision  (5/14/2015)

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